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DAF Used Trucks

What can DAF Used Trucks offer you?

DAF knows how important efficiency is to you

You need to be able to rely 100% on your most important tool, i.e. the materials you use. DAF knows your business and the critical role played by efficiency. Our philosophy at DAF Transport Efficiency is to ensure the highest return per kilometre at a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), even when you choose a used DAF. 

DAF is a market leader when it comes to reliability and low operational costs. Our wide range of services guarantees you maximum vehicle availability, even when you choose a used DAF. Furthermore, all of these services are located at one address: that of your DAF dealer.

All DAF Used Trucks thoroughly inspected

The service records of the majority of used DAF trucks are available for inspection. Most of the trucks have previously been serviced by DAF dealers on the basis of repair and maintenance contracts.

The DAF dealer is also fully aware of all maintenance carried out on and the condition of a used DAF, as these trucks always undergo an initial thorough inspection at an independent inspection body. This means that you will never be confronted with any unpleasant surprises.

Carefree driving with DAF MultiSupport

A DAF MultiSupport maintenance and repair contract offers maximum driving reliability at a fixed price per kilometre. You can choose the level of service you wish for your used DAF. This means that you will always be guaranteed a perfectly maintained fleet and maximum vehicle availability. Ask your dealer for more information about the kind of DAF MultiSupport maintenance and repair contract that would best suit your operational needs.

Finance options

Need access to financing for a used DAF? This can be made available through PACCAR Financial Europe.

There is an extensive package of financing options for used DAF trucks available through DAF dealers or through the DAF Used Trucks Centres.

There may be special legal regulations that apply to leasing in your country. We would therefore advise you to contact our regional sales teams so that you can access the information that applies specifically to your location. Our sales people will only be too glad to explain everything to you.


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