First Choice


DAF First Choice: 100% driving reliability!

DAF Used Trucks also offers a ‘First Choice’ selection. This is our quality hallmark for the best used DAFs, ready to drive and with a 1-year Euro 6 warranty. 

The 10 certainties of DAF First Choice:

  • Younger than 5 years old
  • Less than 500,000 kilometres on the clock
  • Fully documented service history
  • Looks like new
  • With MOT certificate
  • Passed all 200 points on DAF checklist
  • All necessary maintenance and repair work carried out
  • MultiSupport maintenance and repair contract and financing option
  • Ready to drive
  • 1-year Euro 6 warranty

10 out of 10 in tough exam

To achieve the quality hallmark, every DAF has to undergo a tough examination. Only 10 out of 10  is good enough: the truck has to pass all 200 points on the DAF checklist putting it on a par with new trucks leaving the factory. It also has to undergo a thorough visual and technical examination. In other words, “as good as new”.

Custom-made solutions and 1-year Euro 6 warranty

A used DAF with the First Choice quality hallmark is ready to drive. So if you need a truck quickly for an important job and a new truck is not in your budget, a used DAF from the First Choice range can be the perfect solution. DAF First Choice offers quality for an affordable price. Your DAF dealer can also meet whatever needs you might have with regard to colour and/or company logo. Custom-made solutions and a 1-year Euro 6 warranty – what more could you ask for?

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Used TruckLocator

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Behind each DAF truck stands a professional organisation and an international network of dealers. They will help you to choose the right vehicle, make the required financial arrangements and keep your fleet in perfect working order.

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