Save 7% on fuel with a nearly-new DAF truck

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Sky-high fuel prices:

Save 7% on fuel with a nearly-new DAF truck

The fuel prices have increased significantly. But the good news is, a DAF used truck can save you 7% on fuel – maybe even more! Ultra-efficient used trucks from our Pure Excellence range (2017 model year) are available at DAF Dealers and DAF Used Truck Centres, and they can offer you leasing packages at very competitive rates too.

7% lower fuel consumption

Most transport companies are struggling to control fuel costs. If you're looking for ways to reduce expenditure, we have the solution. With innovative engines, new drivelines and optimised aerodynamics, 2017 model DAF trucks deliver up to 7% lower fuel consumption compared to the previous model.

More efficient, comfortable and quiet

If you switch to a newer truck, you not only enjoy benchmark fuel savings. Service intervals increase to 200,000 kilometres and lighter vehicle weight allows up to 250 kg of extra payload. The newer-generation trucks are also amazingly comfortable. They're quieter than ever before, change gears almost imperceptibly, and are fitted with a fantastic new climate control system as standard. 

Used trucks from the 2017 model year are now in stock at most DAF Dealers and our DAF Used Truck Centres, so you can start driving one tomorrow. We know each vehicle's history, ensure it's as good as new and offer a complete one-year guarantee.


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