DAF Used Trucks Centers 

Throughout Europe DAF has a number of dedicated Used Trucks Centers. These centers have a continous supply of a wide selection of used vehicles. All of these have a traceable service history. The specialists at the DAF Used Trucks Centers are fully trained to give you the best possible advice when selecting a used vehicle for your specific application. Most of our used vehicles are 3-5 years old and have been operating under West European road and climate conditions.



DAF Used Trucks België
Luxemburgstraat 17
9140 Temse

Contact person:
Dirk Gheeraert
Tel: +32 475 238 380
E-mail: dirk.gheeraert@daftrucks.com


Czech Republic

DAF Used Truck Center Praha
Pod Zbuzany
155 00 Praha – Reporyje

Contact person:
Jan Masek
Tel: +420601307901
E-mail: jan.masek@paccar.com


DAF Used Truck Center Lyon
196 Chemin du lortaret
69800 Saint Priest

Contact person:
Frederic Brialy
Tel: +33617926682
E-mail: frederic.brialy@daftrucks.com



DAF Used Trucks Center Dieburg
Industriestraße 22-24
64807 Dieburg

Contact person:
Alexander Malinowski
Tel: +49 172 149 1438
E-mail: Alexander.Malinowski@daftrucks.com


DAF Used Truck Center Budapest
Vidor utca 3
1172 Budapest

Contact person:
Peter Dalman
Tel: +36303382209
E-mail: peter.dalman@daftrucks.com


DAF Used Trucks Italia
Via del Bosco Rinnovato 8
20090 Assago (Milano)

Contact person:
Giovanni Sbardella
Tel: +39248429232
E-mail: giovanni.sbardella@daftrucks.com


The Netherlands

DAF Used Trucks Nederland
Hugo van der Goeslaan 1
5643 TW Eindhoven

Contact person:
Wim Krom
Tel: +31634942232
E-mail: wim.krom@daftrucks.com


DAF Used Truck Center Warsaw
Sobiekursk 100
05-480, Karczew, Warsaw

Contact person:
Maciej Dmowski
Tel: +48603090915
E-mail: maciej.dmowski@daftrucks.com


Slovak Republic

DAF Used Trucks Slovensko
Dialnicna cesta 11
903 01 Senec

Contact person:
Jan Masek
Tel: +420601307901
E-mail: jan.masek@paccar.com





DAF Used Trucks Madrid
Av. Daganzo 19B, 28806
Alcalá de Henares, Madrid

Contact person:
Javier Riva
Tel: +34607525018
E-mail: javier.riva@daftrucks.com

The United Kingdom

DAF Used Trucks UK
Haddenham Business Park
Pegasus Way
HP17 8LJ Haddenham

Contact person:
Ben Hanson
Tel: +441844269845
E-mail: ben.hanson@daftrucks.com